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Millennium Boston

Creating a New Urbanism. Transforming neighborhoods. Owning the sky. If you are searching for the most awe-inspiring living experience in Miami, San Francisco, Boston, New York or Los Angeles, chances are, you’re looking at living in a Millennium Partners property. For more than a decade, we’ve helped Millennium Partners sell billions of dollars in real estate and transform thousands of residences into more than a place to live - a way to live.

Beyond immersing ourselves in every major real estate market, beyond creating the most spectacular renderings, beyond designing every detail of the sales and marketing process, beyond developing a one-of-a-kind social network that activates the residents and the buildings themselves - what we have developed for Millennium Partners is a true living brand ethos.

Starting with our BASE strategy and utilizing every tool in our strategic, creative and production arsenal, we have brought the Millennium Partners brand to life - not only in the US, but also in China, Europe and South America - and helped thousands of people live a fully engaged life in the city they love.