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Wyndham Residence Collection

Tourist is such an ugly word. We all want to feel like we belong where we are, even on vacation. In fact, for some of us, the place we vacation every year is the place we truly come alive, a place we love and feel more at home than where we live and work year round. This is what we discovered when Wyndham asked us to launch their brand new, upscale vacation division: The Residence Collection.

The Residence Collection was resort residences and fractional ownership opportunities in unique destinations throughout the US. Through our BASE process, we named each resort property and developed a unique look and strategic marketing plan for each location that allowed residents and guests to live like a local in a place they loved.

Imagine living like a local in Lake Tahoe, Sonoma, Steamboat Springs. Through exciting videos, interactive websites and immersive discovery center experiences, we connected potential residents and guests with in-the-know locals before they even stepped on property. Once at the resort, those same folks became neighbors that could connect guests to the best deals and local secrets. Thanks to our strategy, at each location in The Residence Collection, you didn’t feel like you were going on vacation, you felt like you were coming home.