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Penn Medicine

Working with doctors that are curing cancer, talking to heart transplant survivors, and meeting the families of the many patients whose lives have been saved thanks to Penn Medicine, we can't help but feel inspired. In fact, inspiration is at the core of all that Penn Medicine stands for.

From taking over bus lines and train stations to transforming internal communications; creating inspiring print, radio and television campaigns, to shooting powerful testimonials that bring viewers face to face with the reality of what groundbreaking medicine can accomplish today - we've brought the Penn Medicine brand to life in the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Disease shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the life you love. Thanks to Penn Medicine, it doesn’t. Utilizing our BASE strategy, we’ve developed comprehensive marketing strategies and integrated advertising campaigns for Penn’s cancer, cardiac, musculoskeletal, neuro and trauma divisions. Though each had their own distinct target and call to action, we ensured there was a consistent brand promise running through every campaign: Your life is worth Penn Medicine.