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Iron City Brewing

What product brings more joy to our lives than beer?! In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Iron City Beer is the original hometown brew, and it has been bringing joy to the city’s residents since 1861. Once the dominant beer in Pittsburgh in the 1980s, Iron City’s flagship brew, IC Light, had dwindled to less than 20% share in the market.

Through our BASE process, we discovered the reason for its decline: because of a lack of consistent advertising for nearly a decade, the older consumer who used to drink the beer thought it had disappeared, 30-40 year olds though of it as their grandfather’s beer and, those in their 20s (the most important market for beer sales) had yet to be introduced to it! The brand just needed to be brought back to life, which we did through television, music sponsorships and digital media.

Since no one likes to drink alone, we created IC Jason, Iron City’s official drinking buddy. Thirsty Pittsburghers could follow IC Jason on twitter and see where he was checking in on foursquare. The best part: if you checked in to a bar when IC Jason was there, you drank IC Light for free! By shining a light on the product, we showed how this beer was not only emblematic of the city’s past, but a reflection of its future too. Within months, Pittsburghers all over the city started telling their bartenders, "Light me up!"